Electronic Lucky Rotary Suite DIY Kits


Package Includes

– 1x electronic lucky rotary suite DIY kits production parts and components

Parts And Components

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Product Description


– Power supply voltage: 3.5-6V.

– PCB size: 48×48 mm.


Package listing

– PCB x1.

– KF301-2P x1.

– 6*6*9 button x1.

– 1UF 50V capacitor x1.

– 47UF25V capacitor x1.

– 5mm LED red x10.

– 1N4007 x1.

– 470K resistor x2.

– 10K resistor x1.

– 9014 transistor x1.

– DIP8 IC socket x1.

– NE555 x1.

– DIP16 IC socket x1.

– CD4017 x1.


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