Step Down Power Supply Module LM317 DIY


AC/DC Input 5V-35V to 1.25V-30V DC Step Down Power Supply Module LM317 DIY

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Product Description

It is DIY kit,need weld each component together.
It can input DC/AC power,but only can output DC.
Input DC volt:5V-35V
Input AC volt:6V-25V
output DC volt:1.25V-30V
output circuit:1A(max)
minimun dropout voltage of input and output:3V
PCB board x1
KF3.96-2P x1
1N4007 x5
Switch x1
scoket x1
PTC Resettable Fuse x1
50V 407UF electrolytic capacitor x1
104 ceramic capacitor x2
M3*6 screw x1
LM317 x1
heak sink x1
5K adjustable resistor x1
Potentiometer knob x1
2N5551 x1
5.1K resistor x1
220ohm resistor x1
25V 10UF capacitor x1
50V 2200UF capacitor x1
LED x1


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