Green Desktop Anti Static ESD 300x400mm


Grounding Mat For Phone PC Tablet Repair.?Good acid proof, alkali proof, prevent chemical flux characteristics, and wear resistant, easy to clean,High temperature resistant.

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Product Description

Wide :30 cm Length 40 cm Thickness 2 mm.

The upper antistatic synthetic rubber, with the green impedance coefficient of 108 ~ 1010 ohm.
With black conductive foam, at the bottom of the impedance factor: 104 ~ 106 ohm.
Suitable for research and development, maintenance, testing work mesa laid.
With antistatic property, in the telecommunications, electronics, precision instruments use desktop of computer company are?prerequisite products.


Applicable to small maintenance platform and personal service.
Antistatic radio pad (mat) mainly use conducting electrostatic materials, static dissipative material and synthetic rubber, etc.

The electrostatic sensitive devices (SSD) is not affected by triboelectrification electrostatic discharge phenomenon

Products generally to the second floor structure, surface layer is static dissipative layer, the underlying for conductive layer.

Surface layer is about 0.3-0.3 mm thick layer of electrostatic dissipation.
For approx 1.5 1.7 mm thick layer of conductive layer.


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