Infrared IR Motion Sensor Ceiling Switch


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1 x IR Motion Sensor Ceiling Switch

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Product Description

Based on infrared technology automatic control product, when some people enter the switch induces the scope, the
special-purpose sensor surveys the human body infrared spectrum the change, the switch automatic connection load,?the human does not leave the induction scope, the switch continually puts through. After the human leaves, switch?time delay automatic shut-off load. Is bright the human to the lamp, the human extinguishes to the lamp, kind?convenient, safe energy conservation.

Infrared technology based automatic motion sensor switch;
Automatic turn ON/OFF while detected people come or left;
Automatic locked in day time to save energy;
Easy to install or replace existing switch;
Good solution for energy save;
The light sensitivity and delaying time can be adjusted.

Operating voltage: AC200V-250V, 50Hz-60Hz
Load capacity: 800W
Working Temperature: -10?- +40?.
Sensor degree: 120? Cone angle
3 wires connection
Working Distance: ?10m
Size: 8.8 x 3.6cm/3.46 x 1.42inch(D x H)


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