Multifunction Wireless Remote Control Switch 12V 6 Channel


Package included:
1 x Transmitter (Included battery)
1 x Receiver

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Product Description

Wonderful wireless digital remote control switch for home appliance.
Just take a remote controller and you can easily control all electrical appliances at home, moreover, the remote control installation and use conveniently.

Receiver board:
Operating voltage: DC12V
Operating frequency: 315MHZ
Shock resistance: 820K
Quiescent Current: less than 20mA
Operating frequency: 315MHz
Receiver sensitivity: ?105dB
Remote control distance: About 300 meters (depending on the actual application environment remote distance)
Load power: Each resistive load is 80W, 40W inductive load
Load types: energy-saving lamps, fluorescent, LED, motors, etc. ……. all kinds of load
Manual control: None
Shell: None
Control approach: 6 channel
Output: relay common / normally open / normally closed terminal (flexible application can control a variety of voltage load)
Encoding: fixed code (welding coding)
Work status: self-locking, interlocking, non-lock plug cap three states are free to choose;

Remote learning method:
Click the button, released the learning keys after red indicator light, press any key to transmit signal, the light off means success learning, can learn up to 16 different coded remote control.

Removal method: Press learning key for about 6 seconds or more, the light from ON to OFF means clear success.

Control mode jumper conversion:
The receiver board self-locking, non-locking and interlocking three working way can selected through EL1, EL2 work mode switching jumper plug cap. Plug EL1 and EL2, 1-2 channel interlock, 3-4 channel non-locking, 5-6 channel self-locking; If EL1, EL2 not plug, that’s 6-channel non-lock; EL1 plug, EL2 unplugged is 6-channel interlock; EL1 unplugged, EL2 plug is 6-channel self-locking. (Tips: switching control modes need to power off and then switch on again)
(Note: The self-locking control mode: press the button, the corresponding relay is turned on, press the same key again the corresponding relay is switched off, 1/2/3/4/5/6 / 6 channel can independent on/off.

Jog type control mode:
Long press the button corresponding relay is turned on, release the button corresponding relay is switched off, the six-way can not work independently, each only one channel to work;

Interlocked control mode:
Press 1 key to switched on 1 channel, press the 2 key 1 channel off, press 3 key 2 channel off and so on. One channel can only turn on once.

Can only press one button, can not hold on two or more keys simultaneously, otherwise it will affect the normal work and interfere with each other.


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