16MHZ Crystal Oscillator 10pcs 16.000MHZ 16MHZ


HC-49S Inline Passive Crystal

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Product Description

Resistance welded type crystal units.
A great number of standard frequencies.
High frequency pullability and low equivalent series resistance.
Lower cost and highly mass production capacity.
The best choice of PC, STB, LCDM, and Cabie Modem.
RoHS Compliant / Pb Free.
Package: DIP HC-49S
Frequency : 16 Mhz
Frequency Tolerance(at 25 ): ?30 ppm
Frequency Stability Over Operating Temperature Range: ?30 ppm
Operating Temperature Range: -10 ~ + 60?
Shunt Capacitance(CO): 7 pF Max.
Drive Level: 1 ~ 500 ?W (100?W typical)
Load Capacitance: Series, 16 pF, 20 pF, 32 pF, or specify
Aging(AT 25): ? 3 ppm / year Max.
Storage Temperature Range: -40 ~ +85 ?
Package include :HC-49S(16Mhz) Crystal Oscillator x10


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